Monday, December 17, 2012

Silly Season

Oh, the places I've been and the things I've seen...or not.

So I realize that it's been nearly four months since I last chimed in here and I wish I had good reason. I'd love nothing more than to say I've been the intrepid globe-trotter, spanning continents and decades to find the information I need to put this book together for you all to read.

Believe me, I would REALLY like to tell you that and I suppose nothing could stop me from doing so, actually.

But alas, I've been spending my time doing what we've come to know and love as, "the usual." That being working (two jobs which will soon downgrade to one after the end of the year), trying to get through a lot of lingering junk relative to my divorce (not worth getting into), and sitting on my arse in my apartment (playing WAY too much Skyrim as of late an not doing enough mentally stimulating stuff).

While this place was bedecked with many a cobweb and dust bunny, I hadn't forgotten about it, nor why I planned for it when I put it together. Looking back on what happened in the fall when news got out about The Scroll, I suppose it was no different than other projects in which they have a lot of initial momentum...

...then peter out when reality sets in.

My reality came when I got word back from the Winchendon Historical Society letting me know that while they were very interested in helping me start the process of putting everything together. Unfortunately, given the economic climate we've all waded through, that help is neither free nor cheap.

Despite my initial perturbation about it, I understand why they made that request, so I'm not too bitter about it. Considering I whiffed on the $1 billion at stake over the two Powerball jackpots this year, though, I simply don't have enough coffers in the can to meet said request.

Like most people looking to get projects off the ground, I looked into Kickstarter and other funding options. Trouble is, to get anywhere on those sites requires having a finished product, which I don't have as of yet.

I also began looking into agents to help facilitate a book deal, but considering agents are as plentiful as lawyers when it comes to publishing (and some are as, if not more disreputable), I've been lax to see what comes from sending out queries and other information.

In short, I suppose it comes down to a combination of distractions, laziness, and my usual truckload of self-doubt which has kept me from moving forward in this process. Like I said, I wish I had a better excuse...but I don't.

In my defense, I also have other projects which have popped up as well to take my time. For about six years, I was involved in podcasting and some friends of mine and I banded together to create a new show which will kick into full gear next month. On the writing front, I also took part in National Novel Writing Month for the first time since 2010, with the hopes of winning for the first time since 2006.

Unfortunately, I didn't, but I managed to get about halfway through a book I've wanted to write for a while now. I also have bantered around with again starting an online novella series I've stewed over for years, but again, that also fell by the wayside as my techno-kung-fu isn't up to snuff.

So it's fair to say I have a lot of irons in the fire with the prospect of something turning out well. The question is finding the time to do it between covering stories, writing articles and trying to have any sort of a life, which I admittedly have little of at this point in time.

Still, the Scroll sits where it always has on my bookshelf in my apartment next to the photos and the binder containing my transcription.

I haven't forgotten about it. It's still there and I have the goal for next year to get moving on it, one way or another.

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